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Spell check of penetrate

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Correct spelling:
insert the penis into the vagina or anus of; " Did the molester penetrate the child?"


Teemer, teem, Crowder, packer, over spread, overspread, flocker, crawler, worrier, Presser, filler, infect, be set, harrier, swarmer.
click, bottom, come home, fathom, get across, perforate, infiltrate, get through, fall into place, sink in, dawn.
perforate, penetrate.
glut, fill, saturate, instill, imbue, permeate, seethe, suffuse, infuse, pervade, soak, impregnate.
implant, embed, infiltrate, inset, insinuate, intrude, introduce, interpose, insert, lodge, inject.
punch, drill, puncture, point, spear, pierce, spike, lance, poke, gouge, needle, bore, skewer, perforate, stick.
pierce; get through physically
diffuse, bayonet, charge, prick, puncture, access, permeate, probe, trespass, run into, stab, invade, drill, ream, get in, infiltrate, encroach, stick into, ingress, break in, sink into, insinuate, pervade, seep, percolate, introduce, blow in, crack, insert, make an entrance, filter in, spear, go through, jab, breeze in, force, enter, perforate, impale, barge in, saturate, come, gore, bust in, make a hole, knife, eat through, suffuse, bore, pop in, pass through, thrust, drive.
understand or be understood
comprehend, decipher, figure out, come across, put over, grasp, touch, discern, unravel, see through, impress, fathom, work out, get through, soak in, affect, get across, get over, perceive, sink in, become clear, get to the bottom.
Examples of usage:
  1. He was waiting motionless, gazing yonder with the round, ardent, fixed eyes of a night- bird, seeking to penetrate the darkness. – Paris From the "Three Cities" by Emile Zola
  2. The Buccaneers on short consultation, determined that they would endeavour under cover of the night to penetrate the wood to their right, so as to arrive at the road beyond the Spanish camp, and come on it by surprise. – History of the Buccaneers of America by James Burney
  3. Only in the forest trees, too dense for the dust to penetrate, were there shadow and relief. – Mary Gray by Katharine Tynan
  4. Not a town, not a village, that the voice did not penetrate. – The Duel Between France and Germany by Charles Sumner
  5. This process is repeated several times, taking care that the varnish does not penetrate through the shell, so as to appear on the outside. – The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches, by Mary Eaton