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Correct spelling: party

What does the acronym party stand for?

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Common misspellings:

pryty, preety, parly, partry, paryt, lpart, parady, partney, paart, 1part, purtray, paymt, pverty, partyor, patwo, prity, jeoperty, purberty, puraty, pettty, parnt, partlie, patato, partey, jeporty, porty, peuberty, partice, putmy, proety, portay, parrt, pastey, jeparday, patteo, partyy, partin, opart, teaparty, harty, partio, partn, oarty, paertb, paty, arpart, poato, partal, partaly, penty.

Examples of usage:

  1. That party back there at Flora's.  Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl by Fannie Hurst
  2. It began with the night of the party.  The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm
  3. And I wanted it for a party!  Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Keeping Store by Laura Lee Hope
  4. The whole of the party left England some days ago.  The Quest of the Sacred Slipper by Sax Rohmer
  5. We'll make believe we're at a house party or something, and I just met you.  Youth Challenges by Clarence B Kelland