Spell check of Ourselves

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Correct spelling: Ourselves


Common misspellings:

himselves, onesself's, theimselves, ourselsves, theireselves, outselves, oneselves, thmeselves, thierselves, themeslves, oyurself, youselves, ourslef, opurselves, themesleves, ourseles, themeselves, theirselves, yuorselves, themselvies, ourslevs, aourselves, ourself's, themselvse, thelselves, themseelves, ourselve, themselives, ouselves, thesleves, yourselfs, higherselves, themselve's, myselves, ourselfs, oursevels, theselves, thmesleves, ourselved, oourselves, yourselfves, yoursleves, ourselft, ourselvs, yourselfes, ourselfes, ownselves, yourseleves, ourserlves, ourselvies.

Examples of usage:

  1. How is it with ourselves?  Birds in the Bush by Bradford Torrey
  2. See here, Ida, I've been thinking about ourselves- Do you ever think of anything else?  At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice
  3. We are not certain of that ourselves, sir, but we'll take it out and test it.  The Boy Scout Fire Fighters by Irving Crump
  4. We must be true to ourselves, mustn't we?  Notes of a Son and Brother by Henry James
  5. Oh, no, he said, we know that much ourselves.  The Romance of a Great Store by Edward Hungerford