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Spell check of orbits

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Correct spelling:


orbiter, equators, Countries, track, tacks, regions, Grasps, realms, Rotations, encircles, circuits, kingdoms, obeys, turns, scopes, Railer, revolutions, follows, battlefields, rotates, orbs, wheels, expanses, domains, spins, Areas, courses, airfields, Classes, zones, orbitals, lands, orbital, Distaffs, battlegrounds, cycles, settings, LIFES, reaches, plains, bowls, bands, LAPS, circles, orbit, revolves, subjects, worlds, disciplines, rounds, railway, ranges, stadiums, latitudes, fields, telescopes, provinces, backgrounds, circumnavigates, oscilloscopes, Paths, rails, chains, horizons, Tracks, rail, bailiwicks, Compasses, spheres, tracker, theatres, demesnes, reachings, sweeps, sectors, stoves, Trajectories, orbited, Studies, Arenas.
Examples of usage:
  1. Is there any connection between their orbital distances, or between their orbits and the times of describing them? – Pioneers of Science by Oliver Lodge
  2. No. 8. Each planet is attracted not only by the sun but by the other planets, hence their orbits are slightly affected by each other. – Pioneers of Science by Oliver Lodge
  3. He admitted that a certain thickness must be assigned to the intervening spheres to cover the greatest and least distances of the several planets from the sun, but even then some of the numbers obtained are not a very close fit for the corresponding planetary orbits. – Kepler by Walter W. Bryant
  4. When their orbits are irregular it is not because they are looking for food. – Five Stages of Greek Religion by Gilbert Murray
  5. Their startled eyes beheld a man's squat body weaving uncertainly on the limbs of an insect, while in each hand shone a blue- black Colt that waved and circled in maddening, erratic orbits. – Pardners by Rex Beach