Spell check of neither

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Correct spelling: neither


Common misspellings:

aniother, nneither, inother, nthey, whenther, nothere, eithier, noother, nethier, newhew, knowthe, nitheir, whenthey, neiher, neihter, gether, neith, neighber, eiather, eeither, beirther, neathers, neithia, niether, iether, weither, anotther, eitheir, intthe, eaither, nthere, northem, beingthe, eiether, niehter, neithers, anoither, neather, raither, neibour, neitehr, nother, nethew, eithor, neiboor, anouther, oneither, naythig, nither, enuther.

Examples of usage:

  1. Neither of them would have anything to do with me- and they were quite right.  Berenice by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. Neither of us is in love with the other.  The Grain Of Dust A Novel by David Graham Phillips
  3. She had done neither of these things.  Joanna Godden by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  4. Neither do many women.  Men, Women, and God by A. Herbert Gray
  5. I can see why there are good reasons why neither of the boys should live in New Haven.  The Whirligig of Time by Wayland Wells Williams