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Spell check of neighborhood

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Correct spelling: neighborhood


Common misspellings:

niegjboorhood, neighbrorhood, neighboorhood, neighborbood, neioborhood, neighaborhood, neoghborhood, neighborthood, neighborehood, neighborod, negborhood, neighborhods, neihgborhood, neighborhooh, neighborhodds, neighbourhood, neighorhoods, nieghbourhood, neighbborhood, neibhorhood, neiboorhood, neghborhood, neighbrhood, neighborhoood, neirborhood, neighborghood, neighborhhood, nieghborhoon, neighberhoods, neightboorhood, neighbourghood, negbhoord, negburhood, neiboughhood, neighbourhoud, neighborhool, neighbood, naberhood, neighberhood, neigborhod, neighborhoos, neighburhood, neithborhood, neighborhor, neighborrd, neigbordhood, neighboerhood, naborhood, neibourhoods, nighborhood.

Examples of usage:

  1. Father, you have named every young man in the neighborhood whom you would like as a son- in- law?  Cruel As The Grave by Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Southworth
  2. It's a low neighborhood, and I thought it as well to place a constable below - and not without 'e was wanted, as things turned out.  The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete by John Galsworthy
  3. They assured him that such a thing existed in their neighborhood, although some of them did not seem to comprehend the nature of it.  Round-about Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy by Frank Richard Stockton
  4. He had free- papers made out, which he thought would protect him till he arrived in the neighborhood where he was known.  The Freedmen's Book by Lydia Maria Child