Spell check of near-blind

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Correct spelling: near-blind

Common misspellings:

nea5-blind, nsar-blind, near-blijd, n4ar-blind, near-bljnd, mear-blind, near-blund, nead-blind, near-nlind, nea4-blind, near-hlind, near-glind, bnear-blind, nesr-blind, bear-blind, hear-blind, neae-blind, near-blond, nbear-blind, n3ar-blind, nmear-blind, near-bkind, near-bl8nd, jear-blind, near-bl9nd, neqr-blind, neat-blind, nearpblind, near-blinr, near-bline, mnear-blind, near0blind, ndar-blind, near-blibd, near-blimd, nrar-blind, near-boind, nwar-blind, near-blihd, jnear-blind, near-vlind, near-blinf, near-bpind, near-blinx, neaf-blind, near-blins, near-blknd, nezr-blind, near-blinc, newr-blind.