Spell check of minor-league team

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Correct spelling: minor-league team

Common misspellings:

minor-l4ague team, minor-ldague team, m9nor-league team, min0r-league team, minor-lsague team, minot-league team, m8nor-league team, mjnor-league team, minpr-league team, minor-leag8e team, minor-lezgue team, minor-leavue team, minor-leatue team, minor-lrague team, minor-l3ague team, munor-league team, minkr-league team, minor-leahue team, ninor-league team, mino4-league team, mimor-league team, mino5-league team, minor-leqgue team, minor-leagie team, monor-league team, minor-oeague team, minor-keague team, minor-leayue team, minor-lewgue team, minor-leagje team, minir-league team, minor0league team, minor-leagye team, mknor-league team, minor-lwague team, minor-leafue team, min9r-league team, minor-leabue team, mibor-league team, minlr-league team, mihor-league team, minof-league team, minor-leaghe team, kinor-league team, jinor-league team, minor-lesgue team, minod-league team, minoe-league team, minor-peague team, minorpleague team.