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Spell check of meekness

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Correct spelling: meekness


Common misspellings:

meejness, m4ekness, meaness, makane's, jeekness, mewkness, wekness, weekness, murkyness, meakness, msekness, meekers', keekness, weekeness, meekmess, cheekyness, merkness, meackness, meconisom, weeakness, mrekness, neekness, me3kness, fakeness, meknwo, meeiness, messyness, eakness, me4kness, meconissum, weeknesse, meekbess, meskness, meeoness, meconism, mckensey, meelness, m3ekness, medkness, keeness, mwekness, weeknees, mekanisme, weekness's, nakeness, mdekness, weeknes, egerness, weekenss, meemness.

Examples of usage:

  1. " Having heard from our sheriff and the pious sisterhood of Marienfliess, of thy unseemly behaviour, in causing uproars and tumults in the convent; further, of thy having struck our worthy sheriff on the head with a broom- stick- We hereby declare, desire, and command, that, unless thou givest due obedience to the authorities, lay and spiritual, doing this well, with humility and meekness, even as the other sisters, the said authorities shall have full power to turn thee out of the convent, by means of their bailiffs or otherwise, as they please, giving thee back again to that perdition from which thou wast rescued.  Sidonia The Sorceress V1 by William Mienhold
  2. God loves meekness and modesty, and these are the opposites of display.  Heart Talks by Charles Wesley Naylor
  3. He allowed Heidi to do what she liked with him, for he was reduced to such a state of low spirits and meekness that he was ready to give his help to Clara without murmur or resistance.  Heidi by Johanna Spyri
  4. Her aunt knew what was going on in Hazel's mind, and smiled grimly at Hazel's unusual meekness.  Gone to Earth by Mary Webb
  5. He had borne a good deal, perhaps rather more than could have been expected of him, from those whom he considered with some reason as workers of iniquity, and, after all, excessive meekness has seldom been a characteristic of the Puritan.  Long Odds by Harold Bindloss