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Spell check of Measures

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Correct spelling:


amendment, announcement, bill, clause, code, commitment, decree, edict, judgment, law, measure, order, ordinance, subpoena, summons, verdict, warrant, writ.
allocation, apportionment, appropriation, bite, chunk, cut, end, grant, lot, piece, slice, split, rake off, piece of the action, cut of pie.
lots, parts, stakes, Quanta, dispensations, allowances, divisions, assignments, commissions, allocations, allotments, chunks, percentages, pieces, proportions, quotas, stipends.
aid, alimony, annuity, bequest, bounty, commission, contribution, endowment, fee, fellowship, gift, honorarium, inheritance, interest, legacy, pay, pension, prize, recompense, remittance, salary, scholarship, stint, stipend, subsidy, taste, wage, bite*.
addendum, adjunct, alteration, attachment, clarification, codicil, modification, motion, revision, rider, suggestion, supplement.
numbers, Quantities, amounts.
steps, Qualities, Scales, levels, notches, grades, ranges, amplitudes, calibers, degrees, extents, intensities, magnitudes, potentials.
times, Eras, intervals, periods, courses, aeons, ages, cycles, dates, durations, epochs, seasons, spans, spells.
fields, rooms, scopes, Areas, Plateaus, Territories, Neighborhoods, spaces, regions, stretches, dimensions, lengths, volumes, planes, leeways, reaches.
accent, act, action, agency, allotment, allowance, amount, amplification, amplitude, area, bang, bounds, breadth, bulk, cadence, cadency, canon, capacity, control, course, criterion, deed, degree, depth, device, dimension, distance, division, duration, effort, enactment, example, expedient, extent, fix, frequency, gauge, height, limit, limitation, magnitude, makeshift, maneuver, mass, means, meed, melody, mensuration, meter, method, model, moderation, move, nip, norm, part, pattern, pitch, procedure, proceeding, project, proportion, proposal, proposition, quantity, quantum, quota, range, ratio, ration, reach, resolution, resort, resource, restraint, rhyme, scale, share, shift, shot, size, slug, span, statute, step, stopgap, strength, stress, sum, swing, system, tempo, test, throb, time, touchstone, trial, tune, type, verse, vibration, volume, weight, yardstick, Admensuration, HIT, admeasurement, stroke, strategem.
minutes, Feet, Criteria, Miles, seconds, knots, leagues, angstroms, blocks, centimeters, cubits, decameters, decimeters, ells, fathoms, furlongs, hectometers, inches, kilometers, meters, microns, millimeters, mils, rods, yards.
stocks, Halves, sectors, zones, interests, bits, compartments, dividends, fractions, helpings, members, subdivisions.
Gives, shares, Budgets, cuts, deals, allows, assigns, sets, partitions, splits, slices, allocates, allots, apportions, dispenses, distributes, earmarks, parcels, portions, rations, segments.
judges, rates, scores, values, Tallies, Studies, Programs, Schedules, counts, enumerates, concludes, presumes, supposes, surmises, adds, accounts, totals, rationalizes, appraises, approximates, assesses, calculates, computes, considers, deduces, determines, divides, estimates, evaluates, figures, gauges, guesses, infers, multiplies, plans, plots, quantifies, quantizes, ranks, reckons, schemes, sums, systematizes, thinks, triangulates, weighs.
adapt, adjust, align, appraise, assess, average, beat, blend, bound, calibrate, caliper, check, check out, choose, compute, delimit, demarcate, determine, estimate, evaluate, even, figure, fit, gradate, grade, graduate, level, line, mark, mark out, peg, plumb, portion, quantify, rank, rate, read, reckon, regulate, rule, shade, size up, sound, square, survey, tailor, take account, value, weigh, Mete, dope out, look over, pace off, eye*.
Tests, Surveys, benchmarks, calibrates.
compartmentalizes, dismembers, subdivides.
Examples of usage:
  1. After taking these measures I wrote to M. de Bragadin, begging him to send me two hundred sequins. – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. Wallace fully comprehended what were his enemy's views, and what ought to be his own measures, as soon as he saw the unhappy group disappear from the battlements of the keep. – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  3. I thought you might like to put them under your pillow, and all that sort of thing, because if one is resolved to become love- lunatic, one may as well do the thing properly out and out,- I hate all half- measures. – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  4. As I rode, around the tree, one of them looked at me sharply and proceeded to take measures to protect his brood. – A-Birding on a Bronco by Florence A. Merriam
  5. Doubts such as these prevent me from taking active measures. – Frenzied Fiction by Stephen Leacock