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Spell check of meager

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Correct spelling:


meagre, meager, meagerly, stingy, scrimpy.
essential, meager, literal, cold, unembellished, sheer, basic, blunt, hard, modest, bald, stark, severe, simple, austere, unornamented, chaste.
rare, wanting, sketchy, faulty, injured, not cut out for, not enough, inferior, amiss, flawed, bad, unassembled, unsatisfactory, scanty*, third string, second fiddle, damaged, second string, impaired, not up to scratch, found wanting, outta gas, shy, not make it, scarce, incomplete, unequal, defective, rarest, marred, infrequent.
parsimonious, penny-wise, methodical, avaricious, circumspect, efficient, niggardly, canny, timesaving, miserly, mean, saving, penny-pinching, Skimping, cost-effective, provident, watchful, on the rims, prudential, penurious, time-saving, sparing, Scrimping, pennywise, practical, money-saving, work-saving, tight, chary, prudent, close, stingy, closefisted, thrifty, pennypinching, curmudgeonly, unwasteful, frugal.
famished, pinched, peaked, consumptive, skin-and-bones, wizened, attenuate, attenuated, haggard, skeletal, atrophied, skeletonlike, wasted, like a bag of bones, anorexic, thin as rail, cadaverous.
negligible, petty, limited, confined, restricted, tiny, diminutive, inadequate, thin, small, poor.
piddling, seldom, occasional, minor, few, minority, Unfrequent, inconsequential, scattering, trifling, some, middling, semioccasional, few and far between, uncommon, imperceptible, scattered, not many, minute, scarcely any, not too many, inconsiderable, less, straggling, sporadic, widely spaced.
rinkydink, frail, tacky, sleazy, shaky, gauzy, fragile, gossamer, shallow, wobbly, unsound, decrepit, papery, slapdash, superficial, delicate, chiffon, transparent, rickety, feeble, unsubstantial, diaphanous, house of cards, cut-rate, infirm.
discreet, abstemious, mingy, wary, preserving, conserving, spartan, meticulous, tightwad, careful.
unpretentious, lowborn, menial, unassuming, low-ranking, proletarian, Low-born.
under construction, Unexecuted, incomplete, fragmentary, Unaccomplished, half-done, half done, unconsummated, Parter.
Flyspeck, niggardly, miserly, sparse, too little too late, unfitted, poor, scarce, deficient, scanty, insufficient, short of, stingy, out of, inadequate, unample, skimpy.
Fleshless, thin as a rail, all skin and bones.
featherweight, light-footed, unheavy, frothy, Floatable, tissuelike, lithe, lightest, Imponderous, Gossamery, weightless.
little, diminutive, paltry, low, not big, shrimpy, short, wee, concise, hardly any, scanty, not large, mini, junior, delicate, narrow, least, snubber, brief, small, under-sized, succinct, few, minute, Toyer, puny, compact, smallish.
second rate, marked down, lower, secondrate, second-rate, uncostly.
exiguous, lank, withered, beanpole, skinny, gangling, infertile, gaunt, weak, Stinted, gangly, rawboned, scrimp, skin and bones, inappreciable, barren, starved, insufficient, scrawny, puny, sparse, paltry, lean, bare, narrow, angular, inconsiderable, slender, emaciated, lanky, lithe, scanty, lacking, slim, deficient, spare, too little too late, skimpy, insubstantial, flimsy, unfruitful, willowy, scrimpy, minimum, unproductive, mere, underfed, subtle, wanting, beanstalk, unfinished, little, bony, skimp, rattleboned, miserable, tenuous, slight, scant, scraggy, short, hungry, broomstick, shabby, stunted.
threadlike, Incapacious, straiter, linear.
on uppers, on one's uppers.
stone broke, flat broke, down and out, empty-handed, moneyless, SUBPAR., poorer, in need, dirt poor, necessitous, beggarly, behind eight ball, in want, Beggared, subnormal, unprosperous, truly needy, Fortuneless.
all the worse for wear, down at heel, Curer, broken down, down-at-heel, poter.
short, shorthanded, low on, shortest.
paltry, slim, minimal, shrimp, small, teeny, bitty, deficient, niggardly, scanty, smallish, compact, weeny, beggarly, diminutive, slight, spare, stingy, teensy, itty-bitty, little, puny, microscopic, miniature, nugatory, delicate, bantam, modest, dwarfish, wee, petite, minute, piddling, sparing, baby, miserly, trifling, picayune, ungenerous, toy, scant, minor, pocket-sized, shrimper, runty, tiny, pocket, negligible, short, scrawny, teeny-weeny.
mean, penny-pinching, parsimonious, frugal, Hard-fisted, stingy, austere, cheeseparing, miserly, petty, ascetic, tight, spartan, thrifty, abstemious, narrow-fisted, closefisted.
marginal, bare, spare, hand-to-mouth, measly, paltry, exiguous, miserable, meagre, stingy, ungenerous, meagerly, scrimpy, scanty, hardscrabble.
plump, emaciated, willowy, niggard, peaked, skinny, tenuous, slender, weedy, bony, wanting, thin, gaunt, lacking, lank, lanky, lithe, fat, lean, withered.
Examples of usage:
  1. " There might be objections on the part of the present incumbent," he said, with his meager smile. – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  2. Wetherell looked where he pointed, and beheld Pogosa squatting before a meager fire at her tent door, her head carefully draped in her bobinet. – They of the High Trails by Hamlin Garland
  3. Sundown accepted this meager consolation with a grimace. – Sundown Slim by Henry Hubert Knibbs
  4. He could hear naught but the wide, hollow echo of the flow of the stream, but never did it touch his feet; and after he had progressed, as he judged, including the windings of his way, some five or six miles, he began to recollect a little, meager stream, yet flowing with a good force for its compass, that made a play in the current not a quarter of a mile, not more than one thousand feet, from the fort. – The Story of Old Fort Loudon by Charles Egbert Craddock
  5. Yet, when I said it out loud, " Nursing is dialogue," the words seemed too meager to convey the true meaning of the idea and its real significance. – Humanistic-Nursing by Paterson, Josephine G.