Spell check of Managed

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Correct spelling: Managed

Common misspellings:

maange, mnarket, midnihgt, monaed, manoverd, sanged, manangemt, mananged, managae, managememt, chaanged, manslaugter, cimmunicate, manmad, mabaged, managge, managerie, mainated, manufatuer, managenet, mnaager, manegmet, mannager, managign, manaed, cahnaged, manageing, maoaged, maaged, managment, mmanager, managemet, mananaged, managd, manegemtn, mancave, mangage, managor, mangeled, manaeged, managmenet, manageg, chnnaged, managerf, manoged, maneaged, midnigt, manged, manegent, managint.

Examples of usage:

  1. I did not like to feel that I was being managed.  A Bicycle of Cathay by Frank R. Stockton
  2. I still don't know how he ever managed to get any sleep.  The Dawn of Amateur Radio in the U.K. and Greece A Personal View by Norman F. Joly
  3. In short, though he was at the head of everybody, yet he managed as if he were only their companion.  The Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz, Complete by Jean Francois Paul de Gondi, Cardinal de Retz
  4. Meanwhile, Hazel managed the house.  Gone to Earth by Mary Webb
  5. Again, Dark managed to get her at arm's length and looked down seriously into her face.  Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay