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Spell check of maligned

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Correct spelling:


rejected, abused, scorned.
abused, reviled.
rejected, scorned.
dishonored, disgraced, degraded, Mocked, Abased, embarrassed, Defamed, shamed.
blister, set upon, have at, bash, beset, encounter, assault, lambaste, lay into, invade, molest, come at, bust, blast, work over, malign, berate, trash*, criticize, charge, maltreat, impugn.
censure, reprove, shoot down, blitz, stretch, refute, jump on one's case, blame, jump down one's throat.
pan, belittle, slander, dis, pooh pooh, take a dig at, knock*, tear to pieces, put down*, rip, find fault, slam, dump on, take down a peg, cut down to size.
blotch, give a black eye, defame, rip*, blot, attack, smudge, do a number on, rip up and down, dishonor, libel.
discredit, lower, condemn, downgrade, minimize, underrate, disgrace, put down, denounce, diminish, poor-mouth, reprobate, cry down, hit*, underestimate, take away, mark down, take swipe at, rail against, write off, discount, devalue, throw stones at, reprehend, undervalue, slam*.
scorch, cast aspersions on, put zingers on, knock, cast slur on, stigmatize, throw mud at, belie, speak evil of.
discountenance, contemn, humble, deprecate, look down on, find fault with, sneer at, scoff at, clamor against, dispraise, deride, fault, slight, scorn, spurn.
lessened, Discounted, reduced, cast aspersion, diminished, abraded, Derogated, Detracted, Disparaged, Decried, Depreciated.
deject, degrade, chill*, disdain, discourage, dispirit, dishearten, sour grapes, dismiss, demoralize, downcry, ridicule, put hooks in.
traduce, bad-mouth, mudsling, dirty*, defile, run down, disparage, injure, insult, curse, take a swipe at, revile, bespatter, tear down, blacken, detract, roast, pollute, derogate, depreciate, backbite, besmirch, speak ill of, denigrate, befoul, scandalize, sully, accuse, smear, slur, asperse, cast aspersion, rap, spatter, opprobriate, misrepresent, vilify, villainize, taint, tarnish, decry, stain, calumniate, abuse, vituperate, harm, soil.
humiliated, exposed, discomfited, shown up, debunked, Ostracized, showed up, Ridiculed.
blackened, denigrated, smeared, sullied, Libeled, tarnished, Denounced, Stigmatized, Traduced, badmouthed, Calumniated, Slandered, Vilified, Scandalized, besmeared, Pilloried, besmirched, discredited.
Examples of usage:
  1. Judging from these sorts of wild animals, it certainly seems that the brute creation has been sadly maligned. – The Story of the Trapper by A. C. Laut
  2. Let us revert to the much- maligned owner of the sinking Titanic. – Moral Deliberations in Modern Cinema by Sam Vaknin
  3. I can assure you I look at it in that light myself, Parkhurst, and I am looking forward to paying him a visit, as, under his protection, I should get opportunities of collecting which I could never have in the ordinary way; for, unless they are greatly maligned, one could not trust one's self among the Malays without some special protection. – Among Malay Pirates And Other Tales Of Adventure And Peril by G. A. Henty
  4. But I am afraid to put it into a word, because that word has been so misunderstood, so maligned. – The Everlasting Arms by Joseph Hocking
  5. " Peggy, thee maligned Captain Johnson," declared Betty closing the door of the sitting- room. – Peggy Owen and Liberty by Lucy Foster Madison