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Correct spelling: madame


What does the acronym madame stand for?

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Common misspellings:

mdade, misdeamor, amytime, modom, madaem, mname, meduim, mademe, maritme, maddame, meatime, medeam, madate, martydom, meetomg, makeme, madke, mahama, mayham, maratime, madfe, madamn, medeum, maram, madem, madie, madim, modum, mideum, mediume, ma'dam, madddiee, madom, madium, madaam, meadium, midem, madan, madoff, meddage, medum, makme, maham, madamm, mecame, meidum, madamme, medsaoe, maddie, madum.

Examples of usage:

  1. " True," said Madame d'Anville, laughing.  Night and Morning, Volume 3 by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  2. Also, you are to remember that if Madame doesn't, she is only one against many.  Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler
  3. " Now, madame," turning to me, " shall we talk of the weather?"  The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912 by Lillie DeHegermann-Lindencrone
  4. Do you not mean to give me up, madame?  The Dark Star by Robert W. Chambers
  5. I ask you, Madame, to leave Lacville!  The Chink in the Armour by Marie Belloc Lowndes