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Spell check of luxury

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Correct spelling: luxury


Common misspellings:

luxyury, lexapro, uxury, luzury, luxiory, luxrury, luxory, luxuary, luxuery, luxaury, mixure, luxuires, licnesure, luxouris, luxiours, luxoury, luxus, luaxarie, luxery, luxjury, luxurys, luxerys, lucury, luxom, luxcery, luxry, luxurey, lexure, lauxury, luxsury, luuxry, luctury, luxure, luxary, luxercy, theluxury, luxgury, lexury, luxuy, aluxury, texure, lluxury, luxuray, lucsury, jusry, luxuris, launsry, roxbury, lixury, luxurays.

Examples of usage:

  1. I am fond of luxury, I am fond of a great society, I am fond of being looked at.  Roderick Hudson by Henry James
  2. You need not pity me for not going out; after the day's anxiety I find the luxury of the evening's rest so very great.  Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare
  3. He had every luxury that even a prince could need, and the one thing wanting,- love,- never having known, he did not miss.  The Little Lame Prince And: The Invisible Prince; Prince Cherry; The Prince With The Nose The Frog-Prince; Clever Alice by Miss Mulock--Pseudonym of Maria Dinah Craik
  4. I have long denied myself the luxury of looking back upon the bright image of that fair creature, so fair, and yet so fatal.  Hansford: A Tale of Bacon's Rebellion by St. George Tucker
  5. In spite, however, of choice meals and luxury it never grew fat, and never, except in Ruth's eyes, became pretty.  The Kitchen Cat and Other Stories by Amy Walton