Spell check of loop-holes

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Correct spelling: loop-holes

Common misspellings:

ooop-holes, poop-holes, loip-holes, oloop-holes, lolp-holes, l9op-holes, llop-holes, loop-hol3s, loop-h0les, lpoop-holes, ploop-holes, loo--holes, lokp-holes, loop-holrs, loop-holez, loop-hol4s, lo9p-holes, liop-holes, loo0-holes, loop-hokes, loop-joles, loop-holws, lkop-holes, lopp-holes, loop-holex, loop-holss, loop-hkles, loop-hlles, kloop-holes, loop-h9les, loop-boles, loop-hooes, koop-holes, loop-hples, looo-holes, loop-uoles, loop-yoles, loop0holes, lpop-holes, lool-holes, lo0p-holes, l0op-holes, loop-hopes, loop-holea, loop-hiles, loop-noles, lkoop-holes, loop-goles, looppholes, loop-holds.