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Spell check of Lived

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Correct spelling: Lived


Common misspellings:

lieft, liined, livend, voived, lvel, iloved, livedin, diliverd, lighed, liivned, limied, lished, loveed, livley, livea, raived, lovedmy, lfited, lved, livehood, limeaid, ived, iived, evied, livds, beliaved, beilived, dileverd, deilved, alived, libed, loveede, liveds, liive, alfed, beleived, sleved, li've, delived, quilifed, lifeto, liveon, liyed, lifet, alieved, lided, lovedone, liced, belivied, luevd.

Examples of usage:

  1. These two little girls lived in it.  In Wild Rose Time by Amanda M. Douglas
  2. " Well, it's not like a house that has been lived in; but you'll see for yourself, sir.  The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  3. " I've lived long enough," he said, " to know that I have never lived at all.  A Modern Chronicle, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  4. He turned and made his way to the great house where this business man lived.  The Personal Touch by J. Wilbur Chapman
  5. " He lived there till mother died; I was bo'n there," said the girl.  Vignettes of Manhattan; Outlines in Local Color by Brander Matthews