Spell check of lights-out

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Correct spelling: lights-out

Common misspellings:

ligh6s-out, l9ghts-out, ligyts-out, lights-kut, ljghts-out, lightx-out, l8ghts-out, ligjts-out, lights-oug, lights-put, lkghts-out, lignts-out, liggts-out, lights-o8t, lighgs-out, lithts-out, lighfs-out, lighys-out, lighrs-out, lights-ouf, libhts-out, lightd-out, lights-iut, loghts-out, lights-oit, lights-oht, lights-lut, lightz-out, lightspout, lifhts-out, lights-0ut, lighte-out, oights-out, lights-o7t, lughts-out, lightw-out, livhts-out, lights-oyt, lights-ojt, lights-our, lights-9ut, pights-out, liguts-out, lihhts-out, lights0out, liyhts-out, kights-out, lighta-out, ligh5s-out, ligbts-out.