Spell check of light beer

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Correct spelling: light beer

Common misspellings:

lignt beer, lught beer, ligbt beer, ligut beer, liyht beer, ligjt beer, ligyt beer, livht beer, loght beer, liggt beer, light geer, ligh6 beer, oight beer, light bee4, light bee5, light be3r, light beef, ljght beer, light bwer, light beee, light b3er, light besr, light veer, light bedr, kight beer, klight beer, ligh5 beer, light neer, light bser, light be4r, light brer, lighf beer, lihht beer, lkght beer, light heer, lighg beer, light berr, l9ght beer, l8ght beer, light beet, light bder, libht beer, lighr beer, pight beer, litht beer, lifht beer, light b4er, light beed, lighy beer, light bewr.