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Spell check of lent

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Correct spelling: lent


What does the acronym lent stand for?

LENT abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

letty, wallent, plent, willnot, learnthe, ren't, lenght, lented, liend, flent, lernd, cllient, lcinet, bullent, lland, thento, woulent, cient, talant, lerand, lentle, purlent, cklient, slent, lenz, wenet, lental, lleft, let, gallent, lignt, slend, longt, irlend, lynett, lefft, thenty, letn, zelend, lernet, coulent, ledgit, linkto, vaent, cnet, veent, lont, laernt, leno, plnety.

Examples of usage:

  1. M. de Marigny took a copy of the letter, which he lent me.  The Memoirs of Louis XV. and XVI., Volume 2 Being Secret Memoirs of Madame du Hausset, Lady's Maid to Madame de Pompadour, and of an Unknown English Girl and The Princess Lamballe by Madame du Hausset, and of an Unknown English Girl and the Princess Lamballe
  2. His friends thought that he had done very well for himself, and it was arranged that the wedding was to take place just before Lent.  Good Luck by L. T. Meade
  3. I think that my desperate humour lent me more than my usual strength.  The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim