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Spell check of lear

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Correct spelling: lear

What does the acronym lear stand for?

LEAR abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

leasor, learna, leath, leavor, cclear, 1year, leaugh, ler, liegh, lwoer, year1, iear, zeor, ploar, leasr, laiar, lasar, sloar, leager, leau, lehrer, yrar, leam, yearl, leui, lkae, learah, selar, leaque, sleer, ywar, luara, louer, leaad, 16year, lavar, lwr, lmao, cllear, mear, ckear, leanr, erliar, fearl, leead, laern, leadr, lmae, 30year, laer.

Examples of usage:

  1. Lear: I did not know that she could die to- day.  Georgian Poetry 1913-15 by Edited by E. M. (Sir Edward Howard Marsh)
  2. Garrick's awful frenzy in the storm scene of King Lear, Kean's colossal agony in the farewell speech of Othello, Macready's heartrending yell in Werner, Junius Booth's terrific utterance of Richard's " What do they i' the north?"  Shadows of the Stage by William Winter
  3. If you have any doubts as to the propriety of their being three in number, I beg it of you to reflect that the immortal Shakespeare has introduced three daughters into his tragedy of King Lear, which has often drawn tears from the eyes of multitudes.  Boswell's Correspondence with the Honourable Andrew Erskine, and His Journal of a Tour to Corsica by James Boswell