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Spell check of Lauding

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Correct spelling:
of Laud


praise, give a posy, cheer, puff up, exalt, give kudos, give a bouquet, applaud, laud, salute, rave, hail, push*, root, blow horn, recommend, clap, stroke*, hear it for.
treasure, appreciate, moon over, credit, delight in, pay homage to, groove on, be mad about, value, be crazy over, wonder at, be sweet on, look up to, prize, be nuts about, marvel at, fall for, be stuck on, respect, be wild about, rate highly, hold in respect, esteem, go for, be crazy about, get high on, take pleasure in, think highly of, cherish, be crazy for, idolize.
plug, give ovation, give a hand, encourage, root*, acclaim, kudize.
thank, cross, canonize, sacrifice, pronounce holy, sprinkle, hallow, beatify, endow, give thanks to, ordain, dedicate, invoke happiness, invoke benefits, anoint, consecrate, confirm, enshrine, baptize, grace, sign, provide, pray for, favor, offer benediction, offer, make holy, absolve, give.
beat the drum, perform, live it up, paint the town red, publicize, memorialize, feast, ritualize, ceremonialize, party*, keep, kick up one's heels, let loose, rejoice, solemnize, raise hell, have a ball, jubilate, signalize, proclaim, make merry, revel, mark with a red letter, carouse, blow off steam, observe, lionize, make whoopee, fete, drink to.
Celebrating, Memorializing, carousing, partying, honoring, venerating, Enjoying, Glorifying, cheering, rejoicing, Reveling, Inaugurating, Feting, praising, commemorating, Trumpeting, jubilating, Proclaiming, hailing, making merry, Solemnizing, Saluting, Hallowing, exulting, acclaiming, observing, Frolicking.
countenance, advocate, gold star, support, accredit, build, speak highly of, hats off to, endorse, sanction.
please, fawn upon, cajole, sing praises of, toast, commemorate, felicitate, congratulate, give bouquet, wish joy to, satisfy, trade last, butter up, pay respects, take off hat to, roose, soothe, make much of, charm, ingratiate oneself with, pay tribute to, adulate.
give a big cigar, wish happy returns, wish one well, rejoice with, pat on back, give regards.
magnify, bless, pat on the back, compliment, glorify, hymn, flatter, commend, admire, cry up, revere, reverence, approve, adore, extol, sing the praises of, venerate, celebrate, stroke, hand it to, boost, Panegyrize, honor, worship, build up, eulogize.
Examples of usage:
  1. One day he was lauding them to the skies, another depreciating them to a cipher. – Balzac by Frederick Lawton
  2. I started from the dock, but immediately found myself surrounded by runners and touters lauding the excellences of the boats to which they were attached. – Children of the Market Place by Edgar Lee Masters