Spell check of latter-day

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Correct spelling: latter-day

Common misspellings:

latrer-day, latter0day, lattdr-day, latte5-day, lagter-day, latt4r-day, lat5er-day, latfer-day, lat6er-day, latyer-day, latter-fay, katter-day, layter-day, klatter-day, latter-eay, lattrr-day, latte4-day, latter-dwy, latter-dag, lafter-day, latter-dzy, latter-xay, latter-dat, lztter-day, latt3r-day, latter-da6, latterpday, latter-cay, lattsr-day, latger-day, latter-dah, latter-dau, lattef-day, latter-dsy, lwtter-day, latter-ray, la6ter-day, lqtter-day, latter-da7, lattwr-day, oatter-day, larter-day, lattee-day, la5ter-day, latted-day, latter-say, lstter-day, patter-day, latter-dqy, lattet-day.