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Spell check of kissing

Spellweb is your one-stop resource for definitions, synonyms and correct spelling for English words, such as kissing. On this page you can see how to spell kissing. Also, for some words, you can find their definitions, list of synonyms, as well as list of common misspellings.

Correct spelling:


cuddling, kissing, oral sex, heavy petting, lovemaking, sex, action*, sexual activity, caress.
hugging, necking, cuddling, fondling, spooning, petting, smooching, Bussing, parking, making out, sucking face, Love-making, snuggling, embracing, caressing.
fondling, intercourse, courtship, sexual relations, Coquetting, foreplay, fooling around, carnal knowledge, screwing, copulation, coitus, coition, sexual intercourse, hugging, intimacy, mating, huggings, matings, dalliance, snuggling, courting, sucking face.
exchange of kisses, making out, Bussing, parking, Love-making.
sexual activity
scrape, flick, shave, contact, skim, tickle, kiss, stroke, smooth, sweep.
cuddle, buss, cosset, clinch, squeeze, hug, pet, handle, clutch, make love, nestle, play around, feel, mug, massage, coddle, rub, pat, dandle, embrace, nuzzle, toy, fondle, bear hug.
curl up, enfold, bundle, snug, feel up, snuggle, clasp, huddle, touch, burrow, love.
dispose of
discard, relinquish, dump, give, sell, kiss*, part with, unload, jettison, transfer, make over, scrap, bestow, eliminate, deep six, adios, file in circular file, destroy, chuck, junk*, eighty-six, kiss off, get rid of.
flirting, courting, fondling, cuddling, cherishing, caressing, endearing, billing and cooing, Ogling, wooing, Seducing, Coddling, snuggling, spooning, Nuzzling, enticing, Serenading, Romancing, Dallying, charming, making love.
dart, careen, rebound, bounce, sideswipe, strike, carom, slant, skip, slide.
scratch, glance off, chafe, abrade, ricochet.
nodding, signaling, waving, hailing, Acknowledging, greeting, Accosting, welcoming, embracing, Receiving, curtsying, bowing, Noticing, Vociferating, approaching, hugging, smiling, kowtowing, shaking hands with, Saluting.
neck, brush, butterfly, pucker up, peck, make out, greet, smack*, french, lip, glance, mush, graze, osculate, salute, smooch, blow.
rubbing, grazing, skimming, Manipulating, twiddling, feeling, fingering, Palming, palpating, Pawing, contacting, brushing, Plying, touching.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Nothing, nothing, dear," replied her mother, kissing her tenderly. – The Second Generation by David Graham Phillips
  2. He was kissing your hand again. – Sant' Ilario by F. Marion Crawford
  3. For what I caught a glimpse of, just outside the door in the hallway, was Jones kissing Mildred Case. – Police!!! by Robert W. Chambers
  4. " If I'll let you," murmured Ralph, kissing away her happy tears. – A Spinner in the Sun by Myrtle Reed
  5. " She looks very nice when she's clean and good," Julia agreed practically, kissing Anna herself. – The Story Of Julia Page Works of Kathleen Norris, Volume V. by Kathleen Norris