Spell check of kingdom

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Correct spelling: kingdom


Common misspellings:

fandome, jandome, kindoff, kindof, kindgom, kinddom, kingdomof, oingdom, kingdo, kingsdom, kigdom, conodrum, knigdom, kindoms, mingdom, kindo, iingdom, kngdom, kingdoom, kingodm, kinid, kendood, kingdon, kingdomes, kindove, crainiotomy, kindom, kingdem, kindgdom, kingom, windom, kingsom, kungdom, kingdowm, kingdown, jingdom, cunudrim, kingdm, kingd, kingdoome, gingam, kingdome, kindome, kigdome, lingdom, khartom, cuingom, kingfom, kjingdom, kjngdom.

Examples of usage:

  1. Oh, what a kingdom!  Around the World with Josiah Allen's Wife by Marietta Holley
  2. Very well, you can have it; but you shall not have the wine of the kingdom.  Godliness by Catherine Booth
  3. Saul's kingdom also had proved for the most part a failure.  Hebrew Life and Times by Harold B. Hunting
  4. They are, like the Kingdom of Heaven, within us.  The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler
  5. For he was both son and father to you; father, through his dignity to which he had come, son because he was your subject- that is to say, of your kingdom.  Letters of Catherine Benincasa by Catherine Benincasa