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Spell check of joseph

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Correct spelling: joseph


What does the acronym joseph stand for?

JOSEPH abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

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Examples of usage:

  1. But Joseph, the nephew of Onias, by his wisdom brought all things right again, and entered into friendship with the king, who lent him soldiers and sent him to force the people in various cities to pay their taxes.  The World's Greatest Books, Vol XI. by Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton
  2. " Well, Joseph Marland and Edward Long have been doing it all the morning, and they say it isn't wicked at all.  Little Robins' Love One to Another by Madeline Leslie
  3. Joseph and Potiphar's Wife.  Flowers from a Persian Garden and Other Papers by W. A. Clouston
  4. When the wagon was ready, she directed Joseph to carry Mary to the corner, and see that she set out upon the right road there, toward Mary Erskine's house.  Mary Erskine by Jacob Abbott
  5. You know the story of Joseph.  The End of a Coil by Susan Warner