Spell check of Islands

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Correct spelling: Islands

Common misspellings:

accolands, ireland's, ialands, assilants, zealands, oakalnds, oslands, isaland's, assalants, islnad, islnd, isaland, izlands, islend, ielands, islandic, kslands, ilands, 8slands, isalnds, islandwide, jslands, islans, irlands, iseland, isounds, icelandars, iwlands, icelands, usualand, iskands, uslands, orlands, isands, islande, icelandes, isalnd, isleand, zelands, islandscape, islland, scissorhands, outlands, idlands, oilsands, isalinder, aselynns, zeland's, ixlands, 9slands.

Examples of usage:

  1. I have already described the general character of the reefs of these fine encircled islands.  Coral-Reefs by Darwin, Charles
  2. The Islands Oonella and Acootan.  A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16 by Robert Kerr
  3. So we only went to such islands as the missionaries had been to, and had made the people more gentle and civil.  Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe by Charlotte M. Yonge
  4. A Story of the Channel Islands.  A Little Country Girl by Susan Coolidge
  5. Stranger things have happened before this in the Islands of Surprise.  The Book of the National Parks by Robert Sterling Yard