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come into being, come out, enter, oblige, perform, play, take part, be created, be developed, be invented.
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Spell check of invites

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Correct spelling:


beseeches, appeals, solicits, supplicates, greets, buttonholes, entreats, Addresses, implores, pleads, entices, petitions, requests, begs, applies, approaches, accosts.
allures, draws, lures, seduces, captivates, drags, magnetizes, attracts, pulls, charms, enchants, engrosses.
submits, bestows, attempts, quotes, bids, endows, tenders, deals, cites, advances, Grants, renders, offers, Gives, extends, imparts, issues, presents.
desires, demands, Queries, summons, wishes, probes, requisitions, urges, inquires, seeks, wants, questions.
Examples of usage:
  1. The young man offers her a chair and a magazine and invites her to make herself comfortable. – The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Henney
  2. But is it not plain that science itself invites philosophy to consider things in another way? – Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson
  3. It shows the reader, by illustration and example, the necessary results of good and bad conduct, and invites him to choose the right course. – King Matthias and the Beggar Boy by Nicholas Jósika
  4. Now in London place him- As yet the lamentation of the French Invites the King of England's stay at home; The Emperor's coming in behalf of France To order peace between them; and omit All the occurrences, whatever chanc'd, Till Harry's back- return again to France. – King-Henry-V by Shakespeare, William
  5. Mr. Smith invites me to say which is wrong, the quadrature, or the tables: I leave him to guess. – A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II) by Augustus de Morgan