Spell check of i'd

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Correct spelling: i'd


What does the acronym i'd stand for?

I'D abbreviation definition:

Common misspellings:

fid, idit, auidio, jd, gid, i'e, if, idear, in1997, 8in, ideho, 3is, ie2, ideaor, ipad2, qeida, 7it, ild, ivdeo, icd, d1, 63rd, i970, in1953, oiued, ideia, pid, 2in, in1989, imder, i7, i't, is12, in1991, in1984, in1987, iuj, idsh, vid, 000i, 33rd, in1982, idewa, idhao, ido, iherd, ig, eitgh, vidio, idai.

Examples of usage:

  1. I know what I'd do.  Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long
  2. And yet- I'd have to tell you, of course.  Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. And I'd stand by.  Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler
  4. But do you suppose I'd tell you if he had?  The Awkward Age by Henry James
  5. But I'd hate to live there.  A Daughter of the Middle Border by Hamlin Garland