Spell check of how goes

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Correct spelling: how goes

Common misspellings:

hiw goes, how g0es, hgow goes, h0w goes, hoq goes, hpw goes, h9w goes, now goes, hos goes, how hoes, bow goes, how voes, ho2 goes, how gows, nhow goes, how foes, how gles, how goed, how gpes, jhow goes, how yoes, bhow goes, how goss, hoe goes, hbow goes, uow goes, gow goes, how gkes, hkw goes, jow goes, progre, yow goes, how go4s, how gies, hoa goes, how goew, how goex, how goez, how go3s, hlw goes, ho3 goes, how g9es, how toes, ghow goes, how goea, hnow goes, how gors, how goee, how boes, how gods.