Spell check of hours

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Correct spelling: hours


Common misspellings:

hjours, hoggs, hsoues, houee, hiers, lours, hnoors, huose, hpurs, hoouse, 5hours, tour''s, houra, hiouse, houswe, 18hours, hhouse, 240hour, hosue, ciourse, you'rs, hyour, houxe, houyse, hourns, houise, honours, 4hours, houw, 40hrs, hourses, vouws, huors, hous, how''s, housea, hourd, hourse, houras, chours, houuse, 20hour, hoa's, hursh, houres, houes, hosre, haouse, houose, housse.

Examples of usage:

  1. They had been sitting there for hours.  Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2 by Martin Anderson Nexo
  2. This took some hours.  In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
  3. But he found out, despite his seeming stupidity, a lot that it would have taken the big men hours to learn.  Laramie Holds the Range by Frank H. Spearman
  4. I listen to him for two hours.  The Adventures of a Special Correspondent by Jules Verne
  5. I have hours that you cannot imagine.  Senator North by Gertrude Atherton