Spell check of horror

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Correct spelling: horror


Common misspellings:

errror, diahorrea, narror, wrror, porior, hisrory, houre, horrace, earror, horrah, horeshoe, tjhrough, harror, beharior, hoverer, horrers, horray, hockory, herivour, howerer, hearyou, horome, heorot, rror, harrry, humorour, horrow, orrur, horra, hornor, how're, dihorrea, hurrry, hourbor, warror, houor, jurror, horrar, houbor, herriot, horri, horribe, horbor, harnor, horred, morror, horric, torrow, norrow, horrror.

Examples of usage:

  1. He had no time; he understood that such things were useless, and he thought with horror of the time when he used to fight with street boys.  Invisible Links by Selma Lagerlof
  2. At these words the queen rose, pale with horror " They are going to take my child from me!"  Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official
  3. Orson's Eastern ears, expecting some horror of speech, felt delight instead.  In a Little Town by Rupert Hughes
  4. I've the greatest horror of bothering you, or tyrannising in any way, but don't you think it's gone a little too far?  The Twelfth Hour by Ada Leverson
  5. " Perhaps I had- I did not know myself- only that there in the gray dawn everything seemed perfectly awful and horror and terror came upon me again, and I had only one wild impulse to rush away- surely you can understand-" she paused.  The Man and the Moment by Elinor Glyn