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Spell check of hobble

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Correct spelling:
Embarrass; perplex; shackle.


hitch, hopple, limp, fetter.
fold, unite, pin down, bandage, muzzle, tie up, wrap, peg down, glue, enchain, yoke, adhere, hem, handcuff, furl, encase, lap, restrain, cinch, finish, edge, truss, strap, manacle, connect, moor, swathe, tether, Enfetter, lace, restrict, pinion, dress, attach, hobble, hitch on, stick, paste, rope, constrict, put together, cover, border, fix, trim, pin, hook on, clamp, lash, chain, tack on, hook up.
thump, bumble, barge, limp, tramp, stomp, galumph, clatter, clomp, thud, stump, plod, lumber, stamp.
cool off, control, check, bit, scrub, contain, hold back, box in, keep tight rein on, bring to screeching halt, ice*, subdue, refrain, bottle up, rein in, abstain, deny, hold down, keep lid on, inhibit, retard, hold in, cook*, tame, send up, cool down, impede, bridle, suppress, withhold, constrain, moderate.
dull, anesthetize, benumb, stupefy, stun, botch, cripple, scotch, hamper, hinder, cramp, disable, sap, disarm, enfeeble, screw up, impair, invalidate, weaken, deaden, vitiate, hamstring, handicap, tamper, undermine, abrogate, neutralize, lame, prostrate, paralyze, incapacitate.
enclose, reduce, incarcerate, enthrall, confine, deprive, bind, dominate, immure, shut in, jail, circumscribe, indenture, imprison, disenfranchise, get hooks into, put in irons, subjugate, oppress, compel, keep under thumb, capture, disfranchise, hold, secure, coerce, subject.
repress, put straitjacket on, cuff, encumber, throw monkey wrench in, hold captive, drag feet.
pause, dither, waver, wiggle-waggle, stammer, be defective, Whiffle, vacillate, Shilly-shally.
block, balk, cumber, tie one's hands, drag one's feet, baffle, foil, bar, hold up, get in the way, obstruct, entangle, handicap, frustrate, interfere with, inconvenience, thwart, stymie, embarrass, slow down, prevent.
debilitate, cripple, lame, weaken, immobilize, paralyze, mangle, impair, maim.
cramp one's style, trammel, hamstring, curb, hitch, hamper, cramp, stagger, fetter, hog-tie, Entrammel, stumble, hinder, shackle, leash, scuff, crimp, falter, put a crimp in, hang up, clump, fasten, clog, totter, shuffle, halt, gimp, dodder, tie.
limp, stagger, stumble, totter, falter.
Examples of usage:
  1. Beg pardon, captain," said he, turning to John Paul, " but I think 'twas your peacock coat that saved you both, for it caught Horry's eye through the window, as you got out of the chaise, and down he came as fast as he could hobble. – Richard Carvel, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  2. An abandoned main logging- road, well grown to leafless moose- wood and witch- hobble, led them up from the lake. – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  3. And yet there is such a solid pleasure in paying the things that I reckon it is worth while to get into that kind of a hobble, after all. – The Boys' Life of Mark Twain by Albert Bigelow Paine
  4. Shall I carry you or will you hobble? – The Moon out of Reach by Margaret Pedler