Spell check of his honor

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Correct spelling: his honor

Common misspellings:

h9s honor, his hojor, hiw honor, his h9nor, yis honor, hks honor, his honof, hos honor, hiz honor, hgis honor, ghis honor, hia honor, his h0nor, hie honor, his bonor, hus honor, his hobor, hbis honor, his honir, his hohor, uis honor, nis honor, his honkr, his nonor, his honlr, hix honor, his honpr, bis honor, his honod, his gonor, his hpnor, hjs honor, hid honor, his hon9r, his hono5, his hon0r, gis honor, jis honor, his yonor, his hono4, his jonor, his honoe, his honot, his uonor, his hinor, bhis honor, his homor, h8s honor, his hlnor, his hknor.