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Correct spelling: herd


What does the acronym herd stand for?

HERD abbreviation definitions:

Common misspellings:

hardwoo, hierd, harod, ehead, helld, hurld, gerd, shehad, headig, hert, hdwd, hesaid, hteir, hneed, tyher, hemed, therd, perdio, hardky, dhard, hybird, heidle, headup, hardr, heoght, hyrdo, heild, herei, verd, hertwo, herfe, scerd, haeart, hazerd, haard, herit, heatd, thiird, theyhad, behid, heaed, headon, herlad, thehard, lerd, iherd, herea, gohead, hewad, myhead.

Examples of usage:

  1. I am afraid my imagination will hardly stand such a strain; but books are the only refuge for the destitute on a voyage, especially during the first few days, when you find yourself shut up with a herd of strangers whom you have never met before in the course of your life.  More About Peggy by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey
  2. As it is, the boys refused to stand for him in any game, and so he had to herd with the scratch players.  The Chums of Scranton High at Ice Hockey by Donald Ferguson
  3. He thought that if he went away from the wagon and the herd and played while they were catching the wild cow, it would be just the same as if he took a nap.  Cow-Country by B. M. Bower
  4. Ride herd on these kids until I get back!  The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt
  5. He's startin' a herd o' his own, an' he's usin' the Dumbbell brand.  Paradise Bend by William Patterson White