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Spell check of hectic

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Correct spelling:
1. Constitutional. 2. Relating to the daily rise of temperature in active tuberculosis. 3. An afternoon rise of temperature, accompanied by a flush on the cheeks, occurring in active tuberculosis. 4. The flush accompanying hectic fever.


ardent, blazing, eager, earnest, frantic, hectic, impassioned, intense, passionate, vehement, white-hot, zealous, all-consuming, red-hot.
bustling, energetic, full, fussy, humming, lively, popping, strenuous, tireless, tiring, Hustling, busy as a beaver.
agitative, animating, appealing, arresting, astonishing, bracing, breathtaking, dangerous, dramatic, electrifying, far-out, fine, flashy, hair-raising, heady, impelling, impressive, interesting, intoxicating, intriguing, melodramatic, mind-blowing, moving, neat, overpowering, overwhelming, provocative, racy, rip-roaring, rousing, sensational, showy, stimulating, stirring, thrilling, titillating, zestful, Arousing, Exhilarant, eye-popping, Commoving, spine-tingling, groovy*, riproaring.
distracted, febrile, fiery, flushed, high-strung, hot, impatient, inflamed, nervous, obsessive, on fire, overwrought, pyretic, keyed up, above normal, running a temperature, aguey, burning up, having the shakes.
agitated, angry, berserk, crazy, delirious, deranged, distraught, fraught, hot and bothered, hot under the collar, insane, mad, rabid, raging, raving, violent, weird, wired, worked up, Corybantic, unglued, out of control, shook up, unzipped, unscrewed, in a stew, beside oneself, in a tizzy, at wits' end, hyper, spazzed out, weirded out, zonkers, flipped out, freaked out, wigged out.
acrimonious, avid, bitter, fervent, fierce, indignant, irate, ireful, stormy, tempestuous, wrathful.
animated, boisterous, burning, chaotic, confused, disordered, excited, exciting, fervid, fevered, feverish, frenetic, frenzied, furious, hassle, heated, madhouse, restless, riotous, rip-roaring, tumultuous, unsettled, wild, woolly, Flurrying, Flustering, hell broke loose, nutsy, zoolike, jungle*.
abrupt, breakneck, brief, cursory, fast, hasty, headlong, impetuous, perfunctory, precipitant, precipitate, precipitous, rushing, short, slapdash, speedy, sudden, superficial, swift, Subitaneous.
audacious, brash, brazen, breakneck, careless, daredevil, daring, desperado, foolhardy, hotheaded, impetuous, imprudent, impulsive, incautious, injudicious, irresponsible, rash, reckless, thoughtless, unheedful.
frantic, heedless, inattentive, indifferent, negligent, nonchalant, unmindful, wild, brash, careless, daring, foolhardy, imprudent, irresponsible, rash, reckless, thoughtless.
challenging, energizing, exhilarating, gripping, inspiring, invigorating, thought-provoking, adrenalizing.
boisterous, confused, disordered, excited, rambunctious, restless, tumultuous.
agitated, feverish.
Examples of usage:
  1. Fear grew in eyes that a moment before were bold; cheeks turned pale that a moment before were hectic. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. Her cheeks were colourless and sunken, save for the single hectic spot, which announced the fever within. – The Firm of Girdlestone by Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. Marta was hectic in alarm and protest. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer
  4. A shadow fell across my sunny path;- A hectic flush burned on my mother's cheeks; She daily failed and nearer drew to death. – The Feast of the Virgins and Other Poems by H. L. Gordon
  5. Now and then those who were not playing ventured a subdued murmur of talk amongst themselves, but for the most part the silence of the room was only broken by voices declaring trumps in a rapidly ascending scale of values, and then, after a hectic interval, by the same voices calling out the score in varying degrees of satisfaction or otherwise. – The Moon out of Reach by Margaret Pedler