Spell check of he-goat

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Correct spelling: he-goat

Common misspellings:

he-boat, jhe-goat, he0goat, he-goaf, he-hoat, he-gpat, he-goqt, hw-goat, he-giat, he-foat, hye-goat, he-g9at, hne-goat, he-goag, he-goar, h4-goat, hge-goat, he-goa6, hepgoat, uhe-goat, ye-goat, nhe-goat, he-gost, hue-goat, hbe-goat, yhe-goat, he-g0at, he-gowt, ghe-goat, ne-goat, he-glat, ue-goat, he-voat, hwe-goat, hje-goat, he-yoat, he-toat, hd-goat, he-goa5, hew-goat, h3-goat, he-gkat, he-goay, ge-goat, hr-goat, je-goat, be-goat, bhe-goat, hs-goat, he-gozt.