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Spell check of goose

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Correct spelling:
A tailors' smoothing- iron.

What does the acronym goose stand for?

GOOSE abbreviation definitions:
–  Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event
–  Get Out Of School Early


curlew, partridge, songbird, eagle, goldfinch, waxwing, dove, cormorant, parakeet, yellowbird, bald eagle, ringtail, road runner, plover, cuckoo, lark, kingfisher, duck, snipe, hummingbird, peacock, horned owl, crow, finch, pheasant, raven, oriole, lovebird, turtledove, osprey, dodo, hawk, ostrich, nightingale, redbird, grosbeak, blackbird, Canada Goose, chickadee, ibis, owl, cockatoo, crane, nuthatch, teal, pigeon, egret, cardinal, magpie, blue jay, thrush, buzzard, swan, peregrine, gull, squab, booby, bluebird, puffin, vulture, weaver, tern, swift, pelican, mallard, penguin, redwing, heron, grouse, barn owl, parrot, turkey, sheldrake, quetzal, crested jay, emu, coot, sparrow, loon, sea gull, spoonbill, jackdaw, falcon, stork, albatross, grackle, bird, flamingo, canary, harrier, myna, jay, woodpecker, cassowary, starling, sandpiper, robin, bullfinch, bittern, wren, mourning dove, macaw, mockingbird, condor, rook, bluebill.
raise, leg up, leg*, heave, advance, buildup, backup, shot in the arm, lift, goose, praise, promotion, improvement, support, hand*, assistance, aid, helping hand, shove, help, hoist, thrust, handout.
lightweights, clown, schlemiel, jerk*, dunderheads, imbecile, dolt*, nerd*, ass, fool, lightweight, cretin*, fair game, simpleton, blockhead, fools, tomfool, birdbrains, bonehead, birdbrain, moron, nincompoop, twit, buffoon, schmo, twerp, bore, half-wit, dope*, innocent, victim, stooge, sap*, easy mark, turkey, clod, innocents, ninny, fatheads, boob*, loon, lamebrains, idiot, halfwit, ignoramus, sillies, dumb ox, twerps, illiterates, softhead, illiterate, dunce, Mooncalf, nitwit, dimwit, fathead, numskull, dunderhead, sucker, lamebrain, oaf, silly.
capons, capon.
fathead, goof, bozo, zany, cuckoo, twat.
motivations, stimulus, impulsion, actuation, predetermination, impulsions, get up and go.
arm-twist, Cajoleries, cajolery, hard sell, working over.
destroy, defeat, spoil.
propel, spirit up, prompt, pound, hurry, compel, egg on, work on, induce, oblige, overburden, hasten, harass, coerce, herd, kick, send, lean on, inspire, arouse, spur, make, put up to, act upon, overwork, chase, hurl, actuate, impel, encourage, instigate, motivate, prod, worry, provoke, stimulate, animate, force, hound, dog*, press, shepherd, pressure, bulldoze, steamroll, rush, goad, railroad, push, hustle, nag, ride herd on, constrain, rouse.
trigger, liven up, arm, prime, sustain, enable, put zip into, work up, enliven, innervate, quicken, electrify, pep up, turn on, vitalize, actify, zap, invigorate, activize, inspirit, jazz up, build up, reinforce, juice up, start up, excite, switch on, empower, pump up, strengthen, fortify.
annoy, sting*, whip*, lash, exhort, tease, rowel, prick*, fire up, drive, sound, bully, spark*, urge, sic, key up, irritate, needle, move.
plague, beseech, plead, besiege, entreat, ask, crave, supplicate, pray, persuade, con*, dun, invoke, sell, beg, pester, badger, appeal, implore, solicit, beset.
wheedle, promote, occasion, sell one on, win over, talk into, get*, generate, cause, get up, coax, give rise to, bring about, set in motion, engender, squeeze, abet, argue into, produce, lead to, convince, suck in, cajole, procure, draw, draw in, influence, effect, soft-soap, activate, prevail upon, sway, sweet-talk, twist one's arm, bring around, breed, incite.
uphold, arise, disappear, upheave, put up, jump up, uplift, erect, climb, up, mount, Uprear, boost, heft, buoy up, raise high, disperse, take up, rise, upraise, vanish, hike, rear, move up, hike up, elevate, bear aloft, draw up, aspire, soar, bring up, pick up, dissipate, jack up, come up.
spark, predetermine, pique, dispose, fire, suggest, lead, give incentive, galvanize, set astir, incline, set afoot, bring, predispose, Innerve, touch off, whet.
Examples of usage:
  1. It was that of a one- eyed goose. – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  2. Don't be such a goose, papa." – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  3. Honest to goodness now, I'm a little inclined to believe he'll be leading us a wild- goose Chase, if you want my opinion. – At Whispering Pine Lodge by Lawrence J. Leslie
  4. The goose- hunting season was always one of great sport for Bobby, but this year he found it lonesome enough without Jimmy's company. – Bobby of the Labrador by Dillon Wallace
  5. I put it in with my own hands; and if we have but good luck in the baking, it will be as pretty a goose- pie- though I say it that should not say it- as pretty a goose- pie as ever your worship set your eyes upon. – The Parent's Assistant by Maria Edgeworth