Spell check of going a tangent

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Correct spelling: going a tangent

Common misspellings:

glucos, gellouse, pullys, giing a tangent, guiys, guillorys, giells, geliosy, toing a tangent, foing a tangent, gulley, gurls, jullius, jellys, gylphs, guillty, curlys, hoing a tangent, gules, boing a tangent, guuys, gulcose, glutus, gollps, gulleys, girlys, guyys, pully's, gelosy, guwlty, gullys, gellous, julyl, goalls, glosy, gking a tangent, gells, gllass, gillls, guills, gling a tangent, bullys, gallas, voing a tangent, gping a tangent, guiless, kellys, gallos, gelousy, yoing a tangent.