Spell check of generosity

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Correct spelling: generosity


Common misspellings:

generlised, gerosity, genirosity, generosty, genorusity, genorosity, generousity, genourosity, generorsity, genurosity, generoisty, generusly, generousty, generiousity, genarosity, generoustity, genarosityas, genouristy, generoisity, generoisuty, genersoity, genrosity, genrousity, genorsity, generacion, generouisty, genorasity, genoristy, gernerality, generowsly, genorocity, genetisit, generlist, geneoristy, genreously, generalsit, generocity, gererosity, generosiy, gernerously, genorisity, coureosity, gnerosity, genorousity, geneorously, generousely, generousley, generiousty, generouscity, generisize.

Examples of usage:

  1. And then again I cannot forget his generosity to a friend of mine once in his hour of trial.  Colonel Carter's Christmas and The Romance of an Old-Fashioned Gentleman by F. Hopkinson Smith
  2. His Grace's generosity was such that I could not but cry out at it, for he left me to name any settlement I pleased.  Richard Carvel, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  3. For this act of generosity they should receive the thanks of the people, and I respectfully suggest that a resolution of Congress to that effect be adopted.  Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  4. Lady Agatha Chenevix was away, else she would have been by her friend's side to take her part with passionate generosity and indignation.  Mary Gray by Katharine Tynan