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Spell check of functioning

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Correct spelling: functioning

Common misspellings:

punctionaiton, manufactioning, functionign, funcitoning, functionging, fundraining, functionof, fuctioning, unctioning, functionng, fiancning, functionis, fucntioning, functionining, functoning, funtioning, functioining, functiouning, functionings, functionning, funstioning, sanctoning, fonctionning, functionig, functiontion, fucntiong, funcitioning, mulfunctioning, funcioning, functionn, functionaity, functionong, punctioation, misfunctioning, functionnal, funactioning, malfunction8ing, malfunctionning, functionon, functioin, dysfunctioning, functioniong, functiong, functinoing, functining, funcationing, functionial, fonctioning, functioins, functioon.

Examples of usage:

  1. When one of the higher animals, in the course of its development, reaches a certain, or rather uncertain, degree of differentiation, its functioning becomes behaviour; its activities are such that we cannot interpret them without using psychical terms, such as awareness or intelligence.  Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  2. If there was other than optimism to be derived from the current events, then our army was inclined to consider such a result as gratifying, because it could be calculated to create a greater measure of speed and assistance from the slowly functioning powers in America.  "And they thought we wouldn't fight" by Floyd Gibbons
  3. Then, just as the man was in the middle of his description of the functioning of the trench mortar, the telephone- bell rang, and Christine excused herself.  The Pretty Lady by Arnold E. Bennett