Spell check of fact-finding

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Correct spelling: fact-finding

Common misspellings:

fact-rinding, ract-finding, fact-finfing, fqct-finding, fact-fimding, facg-finding, fact-tinding, facf-finding, fact-fihding, fadt-finding, fact0finding, fsct-finding, faft-finding, fact-vinding, factpfinding, fact-findjng, fac6-finding, fact-fknding, fact-find8ng, fact-fincing, favt-finding, fact-finring, fact-ginding, fact-find9ng, fzct-finding, faxt-finding, fact-f8nding, fact-funding, gact-finding, fact-fibding, fact-findkng, fact-finsing, fact-findung, fact-dinding, fact-fonding, fact-fijding, fact-finxing, dact-finding, fac5-finding, fact-findong, fwct-finding, tact-finding, fact-cinding, facy-finding, fact-fjnding, facr-finding, cact-finding, vact-finding, fact-fineing, fact-f9nding.