Spell check of expressed

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Correct spelling: expressed

Common misspellings:

experiace, expressin, expeienced, expressd, experiened, expresse, expreanced, expresess, expireanced, expiernced, expericed, experessed, expreicen, expereicned, exprese, excpress, exprwessed, empressed, expossed, expereiece, exsperanced, exprsesed, expresss, expriced, expresway, expreses, exprienced, expeirneced, expeteced, espressed, expressessed, expresing, expressen, expreeicned, experisson, experanced, expred, expirened, exspierenced, xpressed, exprected, experise, expierenced, expreesed, expresso, expereces, expressely, exposesed, expericene, expreessed.

Examples of usage:

  1. A Flower and Its Growth Expressed in Color.  Text Books of Art Education, Book IV (of 7) by Hugo B. Froehlich Bonnie E. Snow
  2. " Yes, I know," he said, in a tone that seemed to hide more than it expressed.  The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell
  3. I had just expressed my intention of going to Stephen Forsyth's, Everett, he said, and I think I will.  Concerning Sally by William John Hopkins
  4. Very clearly and almost coldly Joan had expressed her own wishes.  The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper