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Spell check of explanation

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Correct spelling: explanation


Common misspellings:

explaation, explanary, exsilaration, expermination, excalamation, explanaiton, exploartion, explination, explainign, explainting, explantations, expination, expanation, explanantion, explanationfor, explaintion, explanaitions, explonations, explenation, exampination, explnation, epxlanation, explanotary, expolation, explanetion, explannation, explanaton, exploataition, exazallaration, explaination, expanssion, explanitation, explaition, explanination, explnations, explaneing, expulation, explainion, explaantion, expalntions, explanmation, expalinations, expanchion, expalantion, explotiation, explanantions, explanin, explimation, explanitory, explaiation.

Examples of usage:

  1. Explanation would be impossible in view of his promise.  Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  2. This explanation, against which chap.  Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions. Vol. 2 by Ernst Hengstenberg
  3. Some explanation has to be given.  The Faith of Islam by Edward Sell
  4. I waited for some word of explanation, but none came.  The-Darrow-Enigma by Severy, Melvin Linwood
  5. Had the girl told the truth in her wild explanation?  The Thing from the Lake by Eleanor M. Ingram