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Spell check of expired

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Correct spelling: expired

Common misspellings:

experimet, expiriace, exptreme, expirary, experiece, expirey, expericned, expries, experets, experiende, expiried, expericed, expereiene, expeirienc, expaired, expriece, experet, expore, exprsesed, occipied, expiriece, exspired, empired, expirened, exspirtory, exprece, occired, expirent, expiery, expericend, expriced, expised, experiened, expereiece, occypied, expeda, expeced, exprot, expited, experced, exlored, escapred, experiemt, expirers, exprienc, expred, exprect, experinc, exproted, acceptred.

Examples of usage:

  1. Sometimes I died and made speeches before I expired, and sometimes I killed my adversary and stood smiling down at him.  Captain Macklin by Richard Harding Davis
  2. Suddenly the candles flickered and expired.  The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  3. This was the exact day upon which my term of service would have expired, according to my original agreement with the Khedive.  Ismailia by Samuel W. Baker
  4. What differences between inspired and expired air are thus shown?  Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools by Francis M. Walters, A.M.
  5. Soldier, says he, you remind me of my grandmother, who expired before I was born; but this unnatural war has made us enemies, and I must shoot you.  The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. Series 1 by Robert H. Newell