Spell check of expected

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Correct spelling: expected

Common misspellings:

exicted, exptected, expirmented, exececuted, expercted, expoected, expeceted, explected, expcts, execueted, isexpected, excted, ecxpect, expereicned, unexpectidly, insepected, unexpectadly, accepcted, expcetd, expeditied, exepected, expacted, expericned, epxected, exprected, excucted, extecuted, unexcpected, expecat, unexpeccted, exctacted, excecuted, excepected, expecton, expedted, exptect, expeculate, expedidited, expecked, expreeicned, expeted, unespected, exepect, unexpacted, expited, execpted, exepted, exticted, expested, expectts.

Examples of usage:

  1. A. Well, I was there, I expected him to come there.  The Attempted Assassination of ex-President Theodore Roosevelt by Oliver Remey Henry Cochems Wheeler Bloodgood
  2. Well, Captain, I hardly expected to see you so soon.  The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop by Hamlin Garland
  3. She can't be expected to stand it- or you either.  Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  4. She had not expected to hear the voice of a woman.  The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon
  5. I expected you'd say that.  Father Stafford by Anthony Hope