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Spell check of Expatriated

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Correct spelling:
of Expatriate


Amputated, barred, Excluded, Renounced, Disallowed, banned, Relegated, Ejected, Deported, forbidden, Evicted, Excised, Expelled, Ostracized, Extradited, prohibited, Eliminated, proscribed, rejected, Denied, Disbarred, Banished, removed, Eradicated, blacklisted, Exiled, Blackballed, repudiated, Excommunicated.
boycott, Banished, lonely, Blackballed, alone, misanthropic, aloof, closeted, separated, outcast, detached, reclusive, solitary, xenophobic, sequestered, secluded, Disbarred, Ejected, blacklisted, Excluded, Excommunicated, segregated, anonymous, cordoned, Deported, confined, antisocial, maverick, Ostracized, Extirpated, alienated, Exiled, isolated, Extradited, Eliminated, cloistered, hermitic.
ignored, Forbade, disqualified.
removed, Evicted, Screened, Boycotted, rejected, Ousted, Insulated, Expelled.
Examples of usage:
  1. Those who have seen the departure of emigrants at the Irish seaports, are not surprised at Irish disaffection- are not surprised that the expatriated youth joins the first wild scheme, which promises to release his country from such cruel scenes, and shares his money equally between his starving relatives at home, and the men who, sometimes as deceivers, and sometimes with a patriotism like his own, live only for one object- to obtain for Ireland by the sword, the justice which is denied to her by the law. – An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 by Mary Frances Cusack