Spell check of existence

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Correct spelling: existence


Common misspellings:

extensie, exspirence, exstended, existinf, exsprince, exceptance, existsing, exstanged, aqqaintence, excistence, existamce, exstencie, exisitace, exsuberence, exsitent, existience, exiestance, assestence, exestence, exspireance, excistanse, exitense, exstinsive, exisistance, existant, extance, exstoanraner, exstink, exspence, exhistence, exstacy, exstened, existancy, existinng, existance, exsperance, exstends, exsistence, existenc, exisitng, exstensive, exsistense, aqssistance, existeing, exspeince, exstenders, equadistance, existece, inexistence, igsistance.

Examples of usage:

  1. That is what existence is for.  Light On The Path and Through the Gates of Gold by Mabel Collins
  2. Strangely enough, its existence was unknown to any one but himself and me.  Trent's Last Case The Woman in Black by E.C. (Edmund Clerihew) Bentley
  3. In short he was the most perfect gentleman's servant in existence.  Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins
  4. You don't believe in the existence of any such document, then?  The Golden Web by Anthony Partridge
  5. " Perhaps you won't believe me," said I, " but till yesterday I never so much as heard of her existence."  The Great Miss Driver by Anthony Hope