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Spell check of Evicted

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Correct spelling:


Eradicated, repudiated, prohibited, proscribed, forbidden, Amputated, Relegated, banned, rejected, Excluded, Disbarred, barred, Eliminated, Deported, Exiled, Banished, Ejected, blacklisted, Expatriated, Renounced, Denied, Disallowed, Excised, Ostracized, removed, Expelled, Excommunicated, Blackballed, Extradited.
ignored, disqualified, Forbade.
Ousted, confined, Ostracized, rejected, Extirpated, Insulated, blacklisted, sequestered, detached, closeted, segregated, Deported, Expatriated, Banished, cloistered, Ejected, Disbarred, Extradited, Excommunicated, isolated, Expelled, Exiled, Excluded, secluded, removed, cordoned, Screened, separated, Eliminated, Boycotted, Blackballed, alienated.
Examples of usage:
  1. M120 A curious omission M121 The chef's masterpiece M122 An evicted family M123 A short cut after a knife M124 The amateur M125 Mont Buet M126 We hire carriages M127 The incomplete moralist M128 The niece to the moralist M129 A discourse on gourmets M130 An artistic interlude M131 We become thoughtful M132 A vision on the summit M133 The mountaineers perform M134 A banquet at the chalet M135 The end of the journey M136 I rise equal to the occasion M137 A highly coloured account M138 The critics M139 Growth of the amusement M140 Novelty and exploration M141 The upward limit 7 This is Mr. Edward Whymper's measurement. – Above the Snow Line by Clinton Thomas Dent
  2. Christina hinted that, evicted by their landlord, they ceased to be his tenants, and even were he not their chief, he could not be said to interfere in giving help to the destitute. – What's Mine's Mine by George MacDonald