Spell check of encouraging

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Correct spelling: encouraging


Common misspellings:

encouragemtn, ecouragaging, incourageing, encouranging, encouragnig, encraching, encurraging, encouragining, encouraginly, encourag, encoruaging, encouraing, encouraung, encorging, encoursging, encoureging, encourageing, enquirying, encourange, encouragly, encouraring, encoraging, encouring, encouragemen, encouragd, encorageing, encouragent, encoutaging, encoreging, enocouraging, ecouraging, encocuraging, encouragor, enguaging, encrouching, encourging, enjoyworking, engouraging, encouargeing, encourgaging, encouging, incouraging, encouroging, incurageing, ecnouraging, encoranging, enouraging, encouraginf, encouragine, encouaging.

Examples of usage:

  1. It was not, to say the least of it, encouraging."  Pixie O'Shaughnessy by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  2. There is but one encouraging circumstance that I can see.  Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  3. Susannah shrank back, but was held by Emma's encouraging arm.  The Mormon Prophet by Lily Dougall
  4. Godwin was all this time seeking and encouraging Shelley's visits.  The Life and Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Volume I (of 2) by Florence A. Thomas Marshall
  5. Your father'd never hear of such a thing; and you'd get us all into trouble with him if he thought we'd been encouraging you.  The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford